iFun TV Latest Website 2024 (Updated)

iFun TV Latest Website Domains (Updated)

iFun TV

What is iFun TV?

iFun TV, also known as Aiyifan TV, is an awesome video streaming platform offering free content across a range of genres and regions. Whether you’re into movies, TV shows, anime, sports, or music, iFun has something for you.

iFun TV’s Working Websites (Daily Update)

iFun.TV often changes domains due to potential copyright issues with the movies and TV shows they stream.

We’ve compiled a list of the domain name variants for iFun TV where you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies for free.

  • yfsp.tv
  • jssp.tv
  • iyf.tv
  • ifuntv.pro
  • iyf1.tv
  • akid.tv
  • ivod.tv
  • iyf.org
  • iyfweb.org
  • yifanyy.com
  • iyfusa.org
  • iyfglobal.org
  • ifun360tv.com
  • iyf6.tv
  • fun.tv
  • ifun.cc
  • i-fun-filmfestival.tw

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Alternatives to iFun.TV (Aiyifan TV)

Duonao TV:

  • donao.tv
  • duonao.tv
  • duonaovod.com
  • duonao.online
  • duonao.eu
  • duonao.org

Dnvod TV:

  • dnvod.org
  • dnvod.com
  • dnvods.com
  • uvod.tv
  • nivod8.tv


Is iFun TV (Aiyifan TV) legal or not?

iFun.TV is known for providing access to tons of TV shows, movies, and more, often without charging you a penny. However, this can sometimes blur the lines when it comes to streaming rights. The platform might not always have proper licensing agreements for the content it streams, which puts it in a bit of a legal gray area.

Is it safe to use iFun TV to watch movies?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use it. There aren’t any annoying pop-ups, so you won’t accidentally click on phishing sites or places with viruses.

Why is iFun TV not working? And how to fix it?

Sometimes, iFun TV changes its domains because of copyright issues, which can make the site hard to access. We know that can be annoying. To help, we’ve put together a list of iFun TV’s latest working domains in the “iFun TV’s Working Websites” section. We check daily to see if they’re still working and update the list regularly.

What’s alternative to iFun TV?

Some other alternatives are Duonao, Renren, iQiyi, Douban, Bilibili.

How to download iFun TV app?

The websites listed above aren’t just for online streaming – they also offer iFun TV APKs for download.

Is iFun TV Really free?

Yes, iFun TV offers free access to its content.

Does iFun TV offer subtitle translation?

Yes, it provides high-quality subtitle translations to ensure language is never a barrier to enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

What types of content are available on iFun TV?

You can find movies, TV shows, variety entertainment, anime, sports, documentaries, music, live streaming, news, games, and general entertainment. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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