Wow! There are differences between Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp!

Do you know Yo WhatsApp? Dear friends. Yo WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp. We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world today. Now Yo WhatsApp is also gradually attracting more young crowd. There is a big difference between them. Yo WhatsApp empowers users with more creativity and freedom of choice.

Want to know what the differences are between them? Come and follow me to see it!

Unique customisation

The official WhatsApp app has significant limitations when it comes to customisation. It currently offers users only two themes: the official theme and the night mode. Yo WhatsApp, however, is way ahead of the game in terms of customisation, allowing users to change themes, backgrounds, fonts, chat bubbles and more to their liking. Another cool feature is that you can even change the icon that appears to a different color.

Customised yo whatsapp themes

Media file sharing

The media file-sharing feature of Yo WhatsApp will definitely amaze you! As you know, WhatsApp cannot send many images at once, it has a huge limit on sending videos. On Yo WhatsApp, you can share 90 images at once and send videos up to 700MB in size. The app also allows you to post statuses of up to 30 seconds! So what are you waiting for, download and experience Yo WhatsApp now!

Rich privacy features

Yo WhatsApp latest version offers users a wealth of privacy options. This is definitely a big step forward for WhatsApp. You can hide your online status, hide the blue tick, hide the last seen, hide the chat screen and much more on Yo WhatsApp. You no longer have to worry if someone is spying on you on Yo WhatsApp, and you no longer need to browse your friends’ messages and reply immediately. What’s more, you also have the option to hide your profile and photos.

hide blue stick

Set message-sending time

This feature offers great convenience for users. You no longer have to wait for a specific time to send wishes to your friends. You can set the content and when to send in advance and select specific contacts and groups. How about that? Doesn’t this sound great!


When your friend sends a message and you haven’t had time to read it, the message is dismissed. You must be wondering what the message was about. What’s interesting about this feature is that it allows you to view messages that your friends have withdrawn. This is something that official WhatsApp cannot do.

The above is mainly the differences between Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp in terms of functionality. There are They still have many differences waiting for you to explore. You can check them out at


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