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The expected OG WhatsApp latest official version is coming. It combines almost every useful feature, adopting a customized theme design, a password-protected setting, and a high privacy function to stand apart from WhatsApp. Most of the changes astonishing, like over 1000 unique themes, a built-in lock, and tons of vibrant emojis showed that the creator of OG WhatsApp had put his mind to it. Totally for free, it’s tough to find a better value in a communication app. Now here is an OG WhatsApp APK downloading the official way, it’s time to find out its appeal and have fun with it. As popular as Yo WhatsApp is, we recommend OG WhatsApp’s official download site for you.

OG WhatsApp Download Official Website: www.ogwacorp.com

  • How to Tag Everyone in OG WhatsApp Group?

    When you send some important messages in OG WhatsApp group and want someone in this group who can notice it. You need to use “Tag” function. Because it allows you to grab the attention of someone in the group whose attention you want to receive the information and remind them to read it.

  • How to turn on dark mode in OG WhatsApp

    OG WhatsApp is rolling out a new version of OG WhatsApp V9.52 that finally provides dark mode available to users. The use of dark mode can not only protect your eye but also this color scheme takes less energy to produce, which means it can save your battery life.

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