How to change group name in Yo WhatsApp

Nowadays, Yo WhatsApp becomes the popular chatting app. We know this app is serve to enhance human connection. You can use it to connect you friends, family also colleague and your leader. In addition, you can make a professional business account which can make people more trust your business.

Yo WhatsApp also can chat by a group, sometimes group chatting can make the business more efficiently. Do you want to know how to change group name in Yo WhatsApp? Come to follow me.

The change guideline is divided into 8 steps.

  • Open your Yo WhatsApp. Make sure you already downloaded the Yo WhatsApp in your smartphone.
  • Select the group which you want to give it a new name. Once you opened the Yo WhatsApp, you will see the chat screen and your chat list included group. Then click on the group to open the group chat screen.
  • Tap on the group info which is under the group name. The group info is on the top of chat page .
  • Then tap on the 3 dots. It’s on the top right side.
How to change group name in Yo WhatsApp
  • Select the change subject. When you open the 3 dots you will see different option then please click on change subject.
How to change group name in Yo WhatsApp
  • Then please enter a new group name. The old name will appear on the screen, please delete it and type the new group name.
How to change group name in Yo WhatsApp
  • Click OK after typing in the new name. As soon as you have finished changing the name of your group. You will see the OK and Cancel selections. Then, click OK.
How to change group name in Yo WhatsApp
  • Now your group name has been changed! After you clicking the OK, change the group name is successful.

Can’t wait to change the name in your Yo WhatsApp group? Then let’s get started!

You can click the link below to find out the details of YO WhatsApp latest version.


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