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There are still many users who want to know how to export YoWhatsApp chats, even though YoWhatsApp chats can be saved automatically. This article is designed to answer these questions and describes in detail how to export YoWhatsApp chats.
Exporting YoWhatsApp chats is not a difficult task. YoWhatsApp itself has automatic backups, but this is not enough. So the YoWhatsApp development team decided to make YoWhatsApp have this feature — the ability to export YoWhatsApp chats to Google Drive on a regular basis.

The Steps of Export YoWhatsApp Chats

  1. Open YoWhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Select the Settings.
  2. after selecting settings, you will need to find the option Chat.
  3. select the chats you want to back up and click on the more option to successfully export YoWhatsApp chats. you can also choose to export any media from the chats.
  4. Next you can export YoWhatsApp chats via email. All exported YoWhatsApp chats will be sent to your email address.

Friends! As you can see exporting YoWhatsApp chats is a very easy task! So if you have important YoWhatsApp chats, learn how to export YoWhatsApp chats and export your own chats!

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