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Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK Official,Download 2023 New Version

If you’re an original WhatsApp-goer but have trouble finding convenient or cool features in it, then WhatsApp Gold can be your gospel. It merges your creative ideas into the official WhatsApp in a surprising way, enormously improving users’ experience and simplifying their friendships and social lives. Officially download WhatsApp Gold APK right here, and then you’ll immediately notice how powerful it is.

WhatsApp Gold Download Official Website: www.WSGold.org

  • How to Tag Everyone in WhatsApp Gold Group?

    When you send some important messages in WhatsApp Gold group and want someone in this group who can notice it. You need to use “Tag” function. Because it allows you to grab the attention of someone in the group whose attention you want to receive the information and remind them to read it.

  • How to know who viewed my WhatsApp Gold profile?

    Since the launch of WhatsApp Gold, everyone has been very friendly with it. We love having WhatsApp Gold on our mobile phones, so do you know why WhatsApp Gold is so popular? WhatsApp Gold offers free messaging as well as voice calls and caller ID. Users can also share high volume files, HD pictures, long videos, real-time locations and more with family, friends and colleagues.

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