Who Owns Yo WhatsApp?

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of who owns Yo WhatsApp? More and more people are switching from using the original WhatsApp to using Yo WhatsApp in 2022, but, my dear friend, do you have a good understanding of Yo WhatsApp? Don’t you ever wonder who owns Yo WhatsApp before you use it, and who is the developer of Yo WhatsApp? Does it share the same developer as the original WhatsApp? These are the questions we are about to answer for you. Please read on!

who owns Yo WhatsApp

Who owns Yo WhatsApp? Because Yo WhatsApp has similar features to the original WhatsApp. So many users think they are the product of the same developer. However, this is not true. Yo WhatsApp does take its basic features from the original WhatsApp, but it was developed by a different developer. And there are actually two different versions of Yo WhatsApp. You can see an overview of the information on Yo WhatsApp in the table below.

NameYO WhatsApp APK
R&D TeamHeymods\FouadMODS-Yousef Al-Basha
App TypeInstant messaging WA MOD
Update1 day ago
Version numberV9.45
System RequiredAndroid 5.0+
System Required3,000,000

Here is the Yo WhatsApp official download link.

So you will see that Yo WhatsApp has two development teams, one for Heymods and the other for FouadMODS, which is not the same as the original WhatsApp. Heymods’ version of Yo WhatsApp goes even further in optimizing the personalized themes that are a feature of Yo WhatsApp. This version allows users to create their own themes completely independently, ensuring that your theme is exactly what you want it to be. Fouadmods, on the other hand, does not allow users to create their own themes, but it does offer a Yo theme shop with a large number of themes. You can choose the theme you like from the theme shop.

Well, to answer the question we asked in the first paragraph: who owns Yo WhatsApp, the answer is Heymods and Fouadmods, two development teams you can trust. If you want a fully customisable theme, you can choose to download the Heymods version of Yo WhatsApp, or if you prefer a ready-made theme, you can choose the Fouadmods version of Yo WhatsApp.

You can click the link below to find out the details of YO WhatsApp latest version.

yowhatsapp latest download


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